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Our estate planning specialists are dedicated to assist you in sharing your legacy. We offer bespoke family-centric planning


to help protect and dispose your assets according to your wishes. We will work with you and your family with the help of our


lawyers and team of estate planning specialists.

Will Writing

Passing on without a Will can make an already hard time become an even more difficult time for your family and loved ones. By having a proper Will in place, you and your family will be assured of your specific wishes. It can also be used for estate planning, tax planning and asset protection for future generations.

Planning for Dependents

Because you have a family, you should plan your assets accordingly, especially if you still have young children. Having an appropriate plan for estate planning for your dependents in place will give you the peace of mind you need. This shall take care of your doubts and worries on how your dependents will be taken care of, personally and financially. In an unfortunate event of disability or passing, you can be assured that you have already appointed everything and everyone in your absence.

Preservation of Estate

What will happen to your estate once you have passed on? This may seem like a daunting task, but it is fairly simple: you want to control what happens in the future. If you do not do so, the state or government will decide for you — imagine the trouble and tedious processes that come with that? Should the unthinkable happen, you can be comforted with the fact that your estate is preserved (along with a proper Will and plan for your dependents) just the way you have always wished for.

Creation of Trust

Do you have minor children and are in constant fear of their welfare? Creating a trust in their names is a must. It makes sure that assets, managed by a trustee (a third party, who will hold the assets on behalf of your beneficiary or beneficiaries), are set aside and made available to your beneficiary or beneficiaries (usually minor children) until they reach a certain age. The benefits of having a trust are to: avoid taxes, avoid probates, protect your estates (and your beneficiary’s estates), and assign the funds accordingly (e.g., allocating the money only for your children’s education, which will include tuition and living expenses).

Trust Management

Instead of entrusting your Will and trust/s to a member of your family, who might end up mismanaging or, worse, stealing, many people turn to having a trust company manage their estate plans for them. With a minimal fee and your authorisation, we can manage and invest your assets, maintain escrow accounts, provide life insurances and income annuities, and provide safekeeping of your cherished valuables.


One feature of estate planning, if desired, is having an endowment fund. It is a fund that is restricted, meaning only the interest from the fund can be spent and not the principal that anchors the endowment. The advantages of having an endowment is stability and it is like providing a gift that keeps on giving into the future, giving opportunity to fund the needs of the moment.